What is Reflexology

HISTORY: Eunice Ingham is known as the pioneer of reflexology, she gave lectures and wrote books on the subject ‘Stories the Feet Can Tell’ and ‘Stories the Feet Have Told’ these were based upon and elaborated what has previously been called ‘zone therapy’ which had covered all areas of the body.

Eunice concentrated on the feet because of their sensitive nature. She worked tirelessly with doctors to prove her findings of the beneficial use of Reflexology as a diagnostic tool. Some doctors acknowledged the benefits of her work but disregarded it in practice as they considered the process was too time consuming as it did not fit in with the amount of ‘conventional’ work they had to perform.

Eunice Ingham’s nephew Dwight Byers and his sister joined with Eunice and thereafter Dwight further refined the theories and techniques of reflexology. However it was Eunice who was the first person to map out the feet with the corresponding organs and glands of the body and call it reflexology.