Reflexology Therapy Procedure

Prior the therapy there will be a short lifestyle consultation, verbal determination of any foot problems, followed by a discussion regarding the practice and aim of Reflexology.

It is common knowledge that discreet areas of both feet relate to certain organs and areas of the body each affecting the other and that those body places react to varying degrees of pressure applied to each foot.

I have been trained in reflexology and know how these places relate. During the reflexology process I may find it necessary to concentrate on particular areas more than others and I will discuss any problems found.

Whilst relaxing on a couch you will have your feet gently worked on by pressing massaging and other techniques, I also include aromatherapy oils or a cream. These will be chosen to complement any problems that are showing up in your body at the present time.

The appointment is for one hour and includes a soak in a foot spa then an inspection of the feet, before commencing the treatment.