Meridian Therapy Release Technique Discussion

Prior starting there will be a short welcoming discussion and an explanation of the theory to then be followed by application of Meridian Therapy Release Technique.

The Release Technique is used to encourage life transformation by working on and then clearing a person’s incorrect beliefs, misconceptions and restrictive fears leading away from a ‘bad place’.

This technique is commonly applied to personal problems including stress, relationships and bad habits which allows a continuing process of ‘letting go’ ‘moving on’ and ‘fulfilment’.

The treatment includes a gentle movement on the feet, hands and head whilst laying down. A blanket is used to wrap the “child” in you, giving you a feeling of being nurtured and protected.

The release technique uses some areas common to reflexology but in the case of release it is tuned to conception, gestation, birth and early attachment. This period in a person’s beginning and starting of life and bonding strongly affect character and behaviour.

It is easy to imagine the possible trauma and worry of a mother-to-be during conception and realisation and this is thought to influence the growth of the embryo leading to the mother harbouring fears that are passed on to the child via rejection.

The mother-to-be having a poor life style by circumstance or desire has and effect on the ‘nest culture’ compromising the gestation period and the embryo’s physical and emotional development.

The amount of trauma surrounding the birth varies according to timing circumstances and complications experienced. (eg rush hour blue’s and two’s transport to the hospital, operating theatre cesarean delivery versus a perfectly normal non-hurried safe experience and a wide range in between these two examples). The differences in hormonal load coursing through mother-to-be and unborn child during birth it difficult to imagine. Postpartum and postnatal depression of the mother may lead to the baby experiencing restricted suckling and minimal comforting leading to the baby feeling rejected and leading more seriously to ‘attachment disorder’.

Thankfully not everyone experiences the worst of circumstances and each case is different, but when deeply rooted hidden problems create hurdles and hazards in your life the release technique can clear these ‘blocks’ and facilitate a self-understanding to surmount the issues.

This allows your own innate life-force to flow in the appropriate direction for you and your own life journey can now continue unhindered.

Would the technique suit you?

It is perfect for people who are searching for an improvement in their life who don’t want to be led to a specific outcome or forced to talk about their traumas or personal feelings. You can expect a gentle touch to the head, hands or more commonly feet with light conversation if you desire.

Are there contra-indications?

The technique is not recommended if you expect to receive a list of verbal or written instructions or if you are uncomfortable with the thought of tender gentle touch.