Learn: Reiki 3rd Level with Master Teacher Attunement

To begin this level you must have completed both Reiki 1st and 2nd levels and must demonstrate proficiency in healing and understanding of the Life Force.

The first two days will be teaching and attunement. A period of 21 days will pass during which you will work on yourself and others to fully integrate the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui. You will then attend for the third day of learning and demonstrate your abilities.

A certificate is provided after successful course completion.

The Reiki 3rd level course with Master Teacher Attunement is held over three days, manuals, lunch and drinks and final certificate suitable for framing are all included in the price of £250

At all levels of Reiki I make sure that the Life Force is called upon and used on yourself and others, this will be a hands on experience. The aim of all Reiki teachers is to help bring peace and healing to the planet.

Please contact me regarding availability